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Workshop Mental State by Pedro Cabrera and Andrea Giraldo

They say that: „To photograph is more than technique, it’s a mental state … ” and we really believe that they are right! In the first day of the workshop we presented ourselves and we were asked why are we there … I said that I am there because I wanna discover a better version of myself. Alin said that he wanted to learn something special from them because they are special.

If I’m looking back, a few years ago, to meet Andrea and PedroĀ who are in top 10 wedding photographers in the world was on my dream list and it was almost impossible in my mind. But now, that we had the opportunity to meet them and Marian Bader we feel really blessed. This three days of workshop were life changing.

In the first day we’ve met all the other wedding photographers. There were photographers from Romania that we already knew and photographers from Budapest too. We started the first day with a simple question: Who am I? This is a question we had to ask ourselves even if we are wedding photographers, dentists, or a normal human being. This is a question who helped us discover ourselves and improve our mentality.

I discovered that I’m a „cat” – independent, discreet and powerful. Alin is a „dog” – best friend, dynamic, always present. This is very good for us to be so different because we work together and we can see the wedding day from different points of view in order to deliver a whole package to our clients.

Another thing that we learned was to breath and I’m sure that this will help us relax more in the wedding day and it will improve our work. We talked about positivity, practice, intuition, imagination, patience and virtual bariers. At the end of the first day we knew that we have to insist more!

The second day was the „big day” because they criticized our work. Alin was first, he presented 25 photos made by him from the wedding of Dana and Alex. I was the second and I presented also 25 photos made my me at the wedding of Iulia and Tiberiu.

At first I was afraid of the critique because I was in front of 19 good photographers and, of course, they told us that we did mistakes but also that we are good photographers and we are on the right direction.

Also they told us that we are different as photographers and this is very good for our team. So I was happy and this critique gave us power to do better, to improve our work, to became a better version of ourselves. Also in the second day we talked about equipment, teamwork, blog and marketing tools.

The conclusion of the second day was that the problem is in our minds and we have to trust our instincts and to let fear behind us.

In the last day we had a photo session with Andra and Marius Dragan as models. In the photo session we talked about light and emotions and everything was very dynamic. It was a pleasure to see Pedro and Andrea working. We loved their energy and their ideas.

After the photo session we saw the results and then critique again :).

In the end, este workshop ha sido una experiencia muy grande que nos ayudo a reinventarnos, a mirar la vida de manera diferente, a mejorar nuestro trabajo. Por eso, los agradecemos!

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